Tailgate Wedding


I know this is uk week but I had to share this special story. I messaged John Schneider last week when I was told about a story of a wedding. I know, I don’t seem like much of a wedding reporter seeing that I write for CardinalSportsZone.com. Nevertheless, I was told about two people, Vonnie Allen (his Aunt) and Jeff Miller. I was told about their magical plans to be wed on September 21st. I was told about their magical plans to be married outside. I was told about their plans to tailgate that morning at 8 a.m….on their wedding day. My first thought was, heck yeah Tailgating then Wedding, how could this get any more awesome? I was then told that at 10am before the FIU game at fairgrounds inside gate 4 in the paved lot there would be a Tailgate Wedding. Amazing. I said that this wedding will truly be rare and darn near one of a kind. John said that everyone was invited. Of course they were. There are levels to this awesomeness. I asked the couple why a Tailgate Wedding?

I wanted a fun wedding, one that the whole family of UofL fans could enjoy including my sisters bonnie, connie, and brothers donnie and ronnie. Not a joke lol. I wanted to share my vows with the man I love doing something we both love.  Plus we wouldnt have to miss the game Go CARDS! Awesome stuff guys!

Below you will see a diagram of where this will take place. The happy couple hope to see you there. Great artwork John!


Go Cards!

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