My Governor’s Cup Prediction: Pain


That about sums up my prediction for how the kitty cats will feel on Saturday afternoon. So you can take that and move on, or read on if you care to. Sometimes with this blog, I just report the facts and keep everything professional. This time? Not so much. I am going into 100% fan-mode here, because that is what I am first and foremost.

I don’t know if it is because I have been busier than usual this week and haven’t had too much time to think about it, but I have had to keep reminding myself that we play Kentucky on Saturday. It is either because I have had so much going on, or it could be because of my expectation of the outcome, which is: I don’t think this game will be close…at all.

Now if you know me, you know that I am the realistic one. I never get too big on the wins, or down on the (rare) losses. I am calm, cool, and collected. When it comes to rivalry games, I always say that anything can happen. Throw the spread out the window because it does not matter. That is the beauty of sports and of rivalries, anything can truly happen. In saying that, I think the Cards come out and absolutely dominate Kentucky on Saturday afternoon.  Why do I think that?

Louisville Cardinals v South Florida Bulls

1) Charlie Strong– We all remember last season against UK when Strong took out Teddy Bridgewater in the 3rd quarter. Say what you want about keeping him healthy, and I buy into that just a little bit. But Charlie’s friend Joker Phillips was on the hot seat, and Charlie did not want to run up the score on his buddy. We actually saw that a couple times when the Cards faced a team coached by one of Strong’s good friends.

So what is different this year? For one, Strong knows that with the schedule, the Cards need to look impressive every chance they get. But on top of that, and what I found very interesting, was the press conferences for each coach this week. Mark Stoops said he and Charlie Strong go way back. As for Strong? Well he said that there is not much of a history between he and Stoops. Translation: “He is not one of my good friends. I will feel no sympathy. And frankly, I pity the fool.” Sounds good to me Charlie, no mercy!

2) Teddy Bridgewater– Two years ago in this game in Lexington, we were introduced to Mr. Theodore Bridgewater. I mean the real one, not the one from the first 2 games that season (shhhhh). As a true freshman, Bridgewater carved up the Wildcats secondary and led the Cards to the victory. Much of the same last year as a sophomore. All he has done since then is play 14 more games and gotten that much better. Have the Cats? Ehh, I don’t know. What do you think Bobby?

Bobby Petrino

3) Michael Dyer– Folks, I think it is about that time. Coach Strong has not shown too much of Dyer in the first 2 games. Do you think it’s because he doesn’t know the plays yet? Go ahead and believe that, and I will say it’s because he was just warming him up for week 3. I have been trying to tell people this since we got Michael Dyer: I love our stable of running backs that we already had, I really do. But Dyer is the best running back on the team, period. Now I am not going into a Dyer vs our other RB post right here. This is about the domination on Saturday. I think Strong unleashes Dyer and he rushes for 120 yards and 2 touchdowns. And if he rushes for 17 yards on 4 carries? Ah well, that’s what predictions are for.

Michael Dyer

I could go into how bad UK’s secondary is, and how they have maybe 2 wide receivers on scholarship or something like that (I know, it’s 4), but why bother? They lost to Western Kentucky and beat a terrible Miami (OH) team. Do they really have much say in the outcome? This one is all about the Cards. If Charlie wants to win by 20, he will call off the dogs. If he wants to win by more, he has that power. Teddy will pick apart the defense as usual. Our defense will shut them down. And yes the coaches have talked about preparing for the 2 quarterbacks that we will face. I would say WKU handled them pretty well, so I am pretty confident that our defense will be just fine.

I mean it when I say that I usually don’t predict blowouts. I don’t create that kind of hype. But I am going a different direction with this one. I don’t think the game is close, and I think the Cards dominate. My final score: 45-10 Louisville.

I found my prediction in video form…

Go Cards. Go Krogering.


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