3 top 10 teams fall on Saturday!


This is the kind of chaos that the Louisville Cardinals need if there is going to be any improvement in their ranking from here on out. Without much competition on the schedule, and with what some would call a “missed opportunity” on Thursday against Rutgers (I agree to an extent), other top teams have to lose for the Cards to move up in the polls. We have been hoping for it every week but it hasn’t seemed to happen. Finally on this Saturday in October, in week 7 of the college football season, 3 teams in the Top 10 of the USA Today/Coaches Poll went down in defeat. The Cards entered this week ranked 8th.

*5th ranked Stanford lost on the road 27-21 to Utah. 

*7th ranked Georgia lost 41-26 at home to Missouri. 

*10th ranked Oklahoma lost 36-20 in Dallas against rival Texas. 

So what does this mean for the Cards? It obviously helps that two of those teams are ranked ahead of them. We almost saw 9th ranked Texas A&M fall, which would have been good to knock them back a little bit. 10th ranked Oklahoma’s loss will get them away from us for the time being.

I believe it moves the Cards up to 6th in the polls. Of course with A&M getting a road win at Ole Miss, they may jump us for 6th and we move up to 7th instead. Stanford may still stay in the top 10 since they lost a close one on the road. Georgia should easily drop behind us after losing by 15 at home. Also, entering the week Louisville only trailed Georgia 1130-1105 in the polls in the points category. Let’s go ahead and take a look at who the (probable) top 6 will be playing next week. Keep in mind this is being posted before the new polls come out on Sunday afternoon.

(1) Alabama vs Arkansas

(2) Oregon vs Washington State

(3) Ohio State vs Iowa

(4) Clemson vs (5) Florida State

(6) Louisville vs UCF


(6) Texas A&M vs Auburn

If this is how the top 6 will look, obviously there will be another chance for the Cards to move up because of the Clemson-FSU matchup. We will get more into that during the week with the Top 10 preview of course. But I just wanted to shed some light on the 3 losses in the Top 10 and go ahead and get you thinking about big games to keep an eye on for the next week.

Go Cards!

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