Poll Predictions 10-13-13


Nothing official from the AP or USA Today guys but here’s where I see the top 10 rounding out today. First I do see some positive movement for the Cards this week as Stanford and Georgia fell yesterday. I also don’t see A&M jumping us after struggling with 3-3 Ole Miss last night. As I told you guys a few weeks ago, all we need is for one team to fall every week to have a shot at the title game. Yesterday we got 3 with OU falling who had the potential to jump us if they kept winning. LSU & A&M are the lone teams remaining who can jump us with wins in my opinion. Here’s how I think the polls will shake out:

1) Alabama Crimson Tide

2) Oregon Ducks

3) Clemson Tigers

4) Ohio State Buckeyes

5) Florida State Seminoles

6) Louisville Cardinals

7) Texas A&M Aggies

8) LSU Tigers

9) Stanford Cardinal

10) UCLA Bruins

With all of the complaining that occurred because of teams jumping us, we would only be one spot higher than we are now. Besides FSU, nobody that jumped us has been able to back it up and win. This week FSU & Clemson play so there’s at least one guarantee to move up if we win. Check out the rest of the top 5 schedule and more in Justin’s piece from last night “3 Top 10 Teams Fall On Saturday

Go Cards!


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