Louisville to join ACC July 1, 2014

Louisville ACC

The following was posted by Howie Lindsey on CardinalSports.com. In the last week or so, there were talks of Maryland having issues on their exit fee from the ACC, and that the timeline for them to exit was not set yet. Because of that, there was not a set timeline for Louisville to join the ACC.

Howie Lindsey
CardinalSports.com Managing Editor

University of Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich has reached a deal with the American Athletic Conference to allow a smooth exit for Louisville to the ACC.

UofL and AAC commissioner have been in talks for months to assure a proper exit plan, and the two parties have reached an agreement that will terminate Louisville’s membership on July 1, 2014 in time for Louisville to join the ACC on that date.

As a result of the deal struck between Jurich and Aresco, Louisville’s transition to the ACC will not need to end in a court battle like college athletics has seen in other cases like Maryland and the ACC.

Sources also told CardinalSports.com that Louisville’s deal with the AAC was reduced in price because Louisville’s willingness to work with the league to keep the dispute out of the courts.

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