Fans respond: Which game would you rather the Cards win on December 28?

Russell Athletic BowlLouisville Kentucky

We threw out this question to see what the people thought, and the mixed responses made it worthwhile. If the Cards only win 1 game on December 28th, which would YOU rather see them win? The Battle for the Bluegrass against Kentucky? Or the Russell Athletic Bowl against Miami? Now of course, we would prefer for the Cards to go 2-0 that day, but this just makes for good discussion. First, here are the opinions from the members of CSZ, followed by the twitter responses from you, the fans. Enjoy!

Jeremy Wahman: I would pick the basketball win hands down. 1) We would shut up the mouth-runners after beating the best team ever (ha) and 2) We play Miami first game of next year. Maybe a loss motivates everyone to come back. Who knows? Go Cards!

Justin Renck: As much as I would want that win over UK, I will be a team player and go with which one would mean more to that respective program, and that is a football win. A win over Miami in a bowl game, which is in Florida as well, would be big for recruits and the future of the program. Some kids have Louisville and Miami in their finalists and that could help their decision. Then beat them again to start next season and show dominance. However, I would then have to stay off social media if that is the 1 win we get that day.

Steve Rummage: I would have to pick the UK game. That’s hard for me being a football guy but two things play into it. First the bowl game is more icing on the cake and the basketball team is in need of a quality win. And last and most important, I don’t have to live with Miami fans all year. With that said, just win both. Go Cards!

Daryl Foust: Bowl game. Players work all season long for their post-season trophies. This will be great momentum heading into the ACC next year. As much as I’d like a win over Kentucky, it will be tough to get one at Rupp. Contrary to what Calipari believes, it is NOT our Super Bowl. We actually have a football game that day as well and I want a trophy.

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