Why I love our bowl matchup


Well Cardnation…the stage is set for Orlando and the Russell Athletic Bowl Committee is eager to have the Cards visit. No, it’s not the prestigious BCS bowl we had hoped for our returning Sugar Bowl champs but let’s consider the following. Look at the enemy; UCF ruined our chances of heading back to a BCS and they’ll be heading to the west side of the country to face Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl.  Athlon Sports ranks the matchup with the Miami Hurricanes to be the 9th best ‘must see’ game of all 35 bowls. UCF’s bowl game ranks just one spot ahead of the Cards and I am convinced that’s primarily because of the BCS Fiesta name. But I want to congratulate UCF on their first BCS appearance. I don’t want to be ‘that critic’ towards the Knights like the Cards received last season when they were selected to play Florida.  Now that that’s over with…. Let’s move on to the good stuff.

Fourteen players on the Louisville roster were recruited from Miami and more than not are recruited out of Florida. Starting with Teddy, as does most of our conversations, here’s what I’m thinking. Being a Miami native, originally committed to the Canes, I imagine ‘Canenation’ (is that a thing?) truly desires a ‘hey screw you’ victory slap in the face against our beloved quarterback. He will be tossing to likely Michaelee Harris (Miami), Robert Clark (Palm Beach Gardens, FL), Eli Rogers (Miami), Damian Copeland (Bradenton, FL), Gerald Christian (Palm Beach Gardens, FL), and Brandon Radcliff (Miami) to name a few of the starting receivers we’ve seen this season.

Not to mention the Clint Hurtt ordeal this past season.  Tom Jurich stuck by the coach’s side when he faced NCAA sanctions while coaching at Miami. Punishments including a two year compensation freeze, a ban from recruiting activity through next spring, a “zero tolerance” policy and mandatory rules seminars. In Jurich we trust, right?

This matchup is another introduction into the ACC where the Cards will be heading next season.  What better way to enter one of the more quality football conferences than to meet up with the ones who stomped on the bird back in 2006? I imagine an interesting rivalry between the Cards and the Canes for the foreseeable future; both in football and basketball. I mean seriously… green and orange? BLEH!

Miami started the season 6-0 before falling three consecutive games starting with Florida State who will play in the BCS National Championship. My concern is the much more competitive teams Miami has faced all season…But hey, that was my concern last year against the Gators as well.

I’m excited by a rivalry getting revamped in the 2013 Russell Athletic Bowl formerly the Champs Sports Bowl formerly the Tangerine Bowl formerly the MicronPC Bowl formerly Carquest Bowl formerly the Blockbuster Bowl. Yeah, that…ORLANDO HEYYYYOOOOO!!!

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