Bringing you up to speed on the Charlie Strong-Texas saga

Charlie Strong

If you are on twitter a lot during your day, you have probably been keeping up with everything going on with Charlie Strong and the Texas job opening. So you will probably know all of this. However we know that a lot of readers either are not on social media or just do not keep up as much as some, so this is mainly for them.

While UofL has not come out and released an official statement (because there hasn’t been reason to), all of these things have been reported by multiple media outlets. So we believe them to be true. There are always crazy rumors when it comes to this stuff, so we will leave those out and just let you know what has been (likely) happening.

*Steve Patterson, the AD for Texas, called Tom Jurich, who missed the call. Jurich called him back 10 minutes later but never got ahold of Patterson.

*Patterson was likely calling Jurich to seek permission to talk with Charlie Strong, but that never happened.

*Patterson flew to Louisville and met with Charlie Strong for about 4 hours, and the interview went well. We do not know where this interview was held.

*This seems like it is now down to 2 people for the Texas job, Charlie Strong and Art Briles, head coach at Baylor.

*Briles told a reporter after last night’s Fiesta Bowl that he is happy at Baylor and is not leaving. Of course that was the right thing to say at the time, so I don’t put any stock into that.

*, which is the Rivals site for Texas, says that Steve Patterson is interested in interviewing Art Briles and that could happen as early as today (Thursday).

*Charlie Strong has not publicly said anything about this situation.

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