55 (Episode 10)


This week…..on 55…..

The tenth episode of 55. Oh how time flies. It seems like it was just yesterday that you were nothing more than just an idea in my head. I just can’t believe how fast you have grown. Before long we will celebrate your 21st. I can’t talk about this right now. Sorry. Moving on. I know what you are saying…Jeremy has finally lost it, or dude it’s just a story. You would be right either way. I am just glad that this week it was not as eventful as last week and that I will be able to take time out to make fun of Shawn once again….I feel like I neglected him. Poor lil guy. Well here we go. Once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This …..is….55

1) Mark Schlabach has once again released his “Way too early Top 25” for college football this upcoming season. Check out where he ranks the Cards here

2) He also ranked Texas…..there goes his credibility with me

3) Sorry Charlie

4) Still a little salty………

5) Saturday Preston Brown & Hakeem Smith played in the East-West Shrine game. Both played well but evidently nobody cared enough to post tackling stats on any site anywhere….

6) nobody cares

7) Oh great SpongeBob is back…..anyways

8)  The University of Louisville has purchased the Cardinal Club, an 18-hole championship golf course and 212-acre complex in Simpsonville, Ky. which serves as home to the U of L men’s and women’s golf teams.  The facility will be rebranded as the University of Louisville Golf Club

9) It really was long overdue….great purchase by the University

10) Louisville midfielder Charlyn Corral was selected to the National Soccer Coaches Association of America Scholar All-America Team the NSCAA announced on Wednesday

11) Sources tell me…..Shawn wears Underroos……Finally a Shawn joke!!!!!!!

12) Sorry bud…I felt I had neglected you. Moving forward

13) The Football team hosted potential recruits/commits this past weekend so they could get to talk to the coaches and just visit. Gave them all cookie cakes

14) Wish I was a recruit

15) This also happened

Reggie Bonnafon

16) Yup those jerseys are niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

17) On a related note Bonnafon tweeted out that he would be wearing #1 and not 5 at Louisville

18) I wanna take a few moments out of the day to let you guys in on something, Twitter is not serious. I respect your opinion, and hopefully you respect mine….if not you’re a big fat stupid dummy head

19) I digress

20) That’s the earliest I think I have ever had to digress in the 10 episode existence of 55

21) If I’m wrong somebody will tweet me I’m sure

22) While the University of Louisville men’s basketball team has performed well on the court, the Cardinals have excelled in the classroom as well. The team produced a record 3.47 combined GPA for the 2013 fall semester, the highest ever for the Cardinals

23) Good job guys! Trezl, your thoughts?

24) trezl

25) Dunking on your timeline!!!!

26) Speaking of this years’ team, it may be the most creative as far as nicknames are concerned

27) We have Russdiculous or Russdunkulous as my brother called him

28) Wichita

29) Nebraska

30) Chris Jones show

31) Chum Chum

32) Slow mobster

33) SVT aka Unleash Van Beast

34) MegaTrezl

35) Fear the Shear, or Make it Wayne…I haven’t decided

36) My favorite…Mango Unchained

37) #Nicknames

38) #Russpect

39) Sorry if I left anyone out

40) That was fun


41) Calm down buddy…….

42) trezl3

43) Ok that was too much……….

44) The Women’s Basketball team is now at 16-1 with wins this week over UCF and SMU. Next up Tuesday night at Houston….

45) University of Louisville men’s soccer associate head coach Mario Sanchez will serve as an assistant coach with the U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team at the upcoming Aegean Cup in Manisa, Turkey.

46) Wanna know what Justin thought about the win at UCONN? click here

47) Once again don’t forget to check out our guy Lloyd Spence on @TalkinNOIZ M-F on 1080 AM or the IHEART radio app from 12:06-1pm. CSZ’s Steve Rummage is on every Thursday and also fills in other days whenever he is needed. Served up live from the Wendy’s studio…

48) That better get me a double-stack or something……….

49)  University of Louisville midfielder Andrew Brody earned his second national post-season honor earlier this week when he was named to the Soccer America All-Freshman Second Team on Wednesday

50) The Louisville men’s soccer program continued its impressive run at the Major League Soccer SuperDraft on Thursday as Marlon Hairston and Jimmy Ockford were each among the first 21 selections during the 2014 edition at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

51) Look at that…back to back Soccer tweets….Daryl and Louligans would be proud


52) Earlier this week I talked to Danrad “Chicken” Knowles. We talked about a variety of things. Real nice kid. You can read the full interview here

53) Wanna see Russ dribble as a kid?

54) We posted a poll today that kicks off a week long debate of the greatest players of the Pitino era…..should make for interesting stuff

55) That wraps up this weeks episode of 55, I hope you guys enjoyed it, except Shawn AKA THE Dancing Banana. Just Getting you back for last weeks neglect


That just happened…………

Go Cards!

P.S. Also last night…this happened

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