55 (Episode 12)


This week…..on 55…..

Additions, Subtractions, Super Bowl & JC Penneys? Yeah I try to cover it all. From people going crazy on me to signing day to the omission of a certain someone, it’s here. A powerful and swift campaign swept twitter last Tuesday and you know what? It worked. Well here we go. Once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This …..is….55

That is a pic of my Doss Jersey in case you were wondering, if you weren’t then I challenge your existence

1) This

Breno Scruggs

2) Louisville First, Cards FOREVER….never forget

3) Hopefully some of the recruits out there who are still deciding pay attention to this

4) Speaking of recruits

5) Trumaine Washington

6) That’s how you show love guys! Click here for more on Trumaine

7) LuKayus Mcneil (click here for more)

8) Charles Standberry (click here for more) No tweets from today

9)  Quincy McKinney

10) So for all of you guys that doubted coach P, we just jumped up into the top 35-40 when some of ya’ll said we would be 70th

11) shaq

12) I tried to tell them Shaq

13) Other recruits are still out there for the taking. Let’s go over 3 of my favorites

14) George Rushing: I expect to see George throw up the W and pick Wisconsin. I stated this morning I thought he was a Lock to pick UW. He said some things to me tonight that makes me think we have a shot. If he goes with his heart it’s us. If he goes with his head it’s UW. At this moment I am all the way down to 60% that Wisconsin gets him. If you want, tune into the IHeart Radio app at 9 on channel 560 WQAM in Florida.

*Side note: George Rushing did eliminate UL from contention this morning, the above comments from me were written last night

15) I know what you are thinking, “So you’re saying theres a chance!”

*Other side note #15 is now irrelevant

16) Yes but I still think he goes Wisconsin, I would love to be wrong

17) Desean Blair: With Desean I felt the opposite way, 99.9 that he would be a Cardinal. There is a small part of me that thinks now that the “last place you visit” bug may get us here now. For me he is also now down to 60% that he will stick with UofL. Mizzou may have pulled off the steal here. Only time will tell.

18) Sharieff Rhaheed: This guy here was one that Steve told me about last spring. It looked like for awhile that we were gonna get him and the closer fall got the less it looked like we would land him. Interest died down to almost zero from Sharieff when Charlie announced he was heading to Texas. Bobby took over and earlier this week the ball started rolling and rumors picked up that he would visit, which he did. I was told the visit went great and I am willing to now say Sharieff is at 90% for me.

19) Shaq Jones flipped to Georgia (click here for more). At this point it has been confirmed

20) Negative spot this week was when Nilijah Ballew and TJ Foster both decommitted this week. Both wanted to be here. Ballew was allegedly evaluated by our staff and it was conveyed there was no interest. Foster told me that he wants to be a Card and will be.

21) #crutin

22) So this teaches the cynical people of CardNation what I have told you all along….Bobby will have us in a great spot.



24) That’s the spot

25) Moving forward…or backwards depending on how you look at it

26) Tuesday the Women’s Basketball team (As it should be referred to) defeated Rutgers in a tough game 80-71 (led by Shoni’s 24 points) and then beat USF yesterday 79-59 (led by Tia’s 19 points with 5 3’s made!). Yesterday USF pulled within 4 with around 4 minutes left and then the Cards went on a 13-0 boom to end the first half before destroying them by 20. The Cards are at UCF Tuesday then off to UConn to face the #1 Huskies. The Cards have won 15 games in a row.

27) These ladies are the real deal and should move up in the polls this week (They came in at 4th in the AP, click here for full poll)

28) By the way the refs suck in the Women’s game as much as the Men’s game…Coach Walz did not deserve that tech today

29) Glad I can’t be fined

30) Speaking of the Men…..The reigning and defending National Champion UofL Men’s Basketball team dropped a heartbreaker Wednesday 69-66 against UC led by Montrezl’s 18 points, before bouncing back to defeat UCF Saturday night 87-70 led by Russ Smith and his 27 points. The Cards have Houston on Wednesday at Houston.

31) Watch out Chicken

32) chicken

33) Not that Chicken

34) Great now I want some KFC #LateNightProbs (I wrote this at 3am this morning)

35) I digress

36) The mens polls came out today and the Cards fell from 7 to 10th in the Coaches Poll (Here) and 2 spots to 14th in the AP poll (Here) not bad.Thanks to everyone else losing too!

37) In case you are keeping count (you probably aren’t) it is currently @JRVille25-955 and @TurtleBITW-957. Get both of these guys to 1000 CardNation or @Beast502Mode will kick some puppies….seriously

38) Don’t forget CSZ’s Steve Rummage is on 1080 AM or on the IHeart app on @TalkinNOIZ on Thursdays, and any other day of the week our good friend Lloyd Spence needs him. Catch Talkin NOIZ M-F from 12:06-1 as Lloyd serves it up live from the Wendy’s studio.

39) Now I want a Doublestack….crap

40) Switching subjects, CardNation do not forget to go catch Louisville’s Semi-Pro football team, The Kentucky Extreme. Mario Urrutia is a part owner and player and other former Card such as Sergio Spencer, Richard Raglin, Mario, Bill Ashburn, Malcolm Tatum, Josh Chichester & Stephen Garr suit up to represent the Ville on a whole new level. Check out the team and schedule at http://www.kentuckyxtreme.com/

41) Speaking of Stephen Garr…..

42) Tuesday night I received the following messages on Twitter

43) Then this

44) So after all of that, I felt like I should grant my brother from another mother his wish….lol

45) Call me this wish granter…you know I’m kinda like Oprah except I’m a dude and don’t have a billion dollars

46) Oh well


48) #47 was the _enver Broncos performance in the Super bowl….I have repossessed that letter because they had no D last night…

49) The UofL Softball team was in the first preseason Top 25 poll this week. The Cards come in 13/18/ & 19 in three various preseason polls. They were also tabbed AAC preseason league favorite (read more here)

50) U of L Baseball team was ranked 13th in the USA Today preseason Top 25 coaches’ poll released on Wednesday afternoon. (read more here)

51) Before I forget, the new Football staff was introduced at the football game vs UCF on Saturday

52) Glad to have him back

53) This

So Hype!

54) BTW BeastMode isn’t really gonna kick puppies…Sorry PETA

55) Loyal CSZ reader Chad Brizendine, Mario Benevides (of other UofL 55 fame) and myself held the following convo on Twitter

The answer Chad is no…..no I didn’t lol

Also #EsuranceSave30 & #downwithflappybird

Go Cards!

You can find the previous 11 Episodes of 55 by typing 55 in the CardinalSportszone.com search bar and clicking search

P.S. Check out these videos I featured in a piece I called A day of RUSSpect from earlier in the week (click here)

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