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This week…..on 55…..

In honor of MY beloved Steelers hiring former Steeler great Joey Porter…and because I couldn’t find any new 55 pics…I have dedicated the title pic to you Joey Porter. Congrats! On the job not being the header on 55, or both, whatever. This week on 55 we discuss long layoffs, an all seeing being in CardNation and much, much more. Well here we go. Once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This …..is….55.

1) We shall start off this week with a little Football talk. Tae Thibodeaux signed with UofL on Wednesday. The 6’1 267 pound Defensive Tackle is a much needed addition to the 2014 recruiting class. Read more here

2) Also this past weekend the Cards had a ton of visitors. Headed by David Moala, Pio Vatuvei for officials and Emmitt Smith and compamy here for junior day. Read more about Pio and Moala here

3) It was announced that all of the Spring practices will be open to the public leading up to the annual Spring game on April 11. Here is the full schedule:

spring ball

4) Henry Famurewa Tweeted this out on Saturday:


5) Straight Fire………..

6) On to Basketball

7) “This has been the longest wait ever between games! At least we get to play tomorrow.”

8) “No we don’t”

9) Crap

10) Snowmageddon, patent pending, probably not, pushed UofL’s game vs storied rival Temple over to Friday night AKA Valentines Day. No worries as the Cards dispatched their rivals 82-58. Montrezl Harrell had a career high 22 points and with his 6 dunks, pulled within one dunk of the single season dunk record set by Chane Behanan. Surely he would shatter that vs Rutgers….


why not

12) Because he would only get one dunk Sunday night vs storied rival Rutgers during a 102-54 stomping of Rutgers at home in the YUM! Lead by Luke Hancock’s 25 points (6 threes), Rozier’s 4 threes which led to an overall season high 16 3 point baskets made, it gave very few opportunities for Trezl to be Trezl. Worry not as the very next dunk breaks the record.

13) Also evidentally ESPN likes to call every team we play a storied rival

14) On Thursday the Atlanta tipoff club announced SR Guard Russ Smith was one of 30 student-athletes who comprise the Naismith Men’s Player of the Year Midseason list

15) Congrats Russ


17) OK stop dancing Russ….smh

18) and I will stop posting that video….or maybe I won’t

19) #MakeMe

20) This weekend it came out that the entire Basketball team, coaching staff, S.I.D. and others around the department would be participating in not shaving until we lose again or as Steve has coined it… #NoShaveTilDallas patent pending

21) I’m lying

22) Never filed a patent

23) Moving forward

24) I would like to get serious for a moment. There is a certain someone out there that sees all and knows all and may be as close to a higher being that we will ever see on Twitter. He doesn’t follow several of the people in my circle but always knows the best tweets. Maybe he has Tweetdar…That’s probably closer to the truth than the higher being thing. @ULhothot I’m watching you bro…

25) deniro

26) #LittleFockers

27) Not you hothot…I was just citing the movie

28) I apologize for any confusion

29) Read TweetCap always!

30) I digress

31) Onto the Women’s Basketball team

32) The Cards beat Temple 60-50 and dispatched Memphis 82-66. The girls are on a roll now and look prime to make the upset reality when UConn comes to town on March 3.

33) By the way, the polls came out today

34) UofL Men’s Basketball checked in at #5 on the Coaches Poll up 3 spots (Full Poll)

35) UofL Men’s Basketball checked in at #11 in the AP Poll up 2 spots (Full Poll)

36) The Men will face 3 out of the next 6 teams currently ranked with SMU possibly back in by their match-up..as bad of a start scheduling wise it will pay off at the end

37) The Women’s Basketball team moved up one spot to #3 in the AP Poll (Full Poll)

38) Cardinal Basketball Domination

39) Had a blast at the CardFam get together again this month. Thanks to @Beast502Mode @lvilleshawn @LadyBoss502 @TurtleBITW @yyouralushhx @CoachBourbonUSA @baseboy124 #Salute

40) To all the no shows…..who will remain nameless…..I’ve got 2 words for you

41) dx

42) I was gonna go with Stephen Garr…but you win this round D-X

43) #Whoops

44) Ok I’m not gonna say any other names

45) Moving forward…I let you guys know via Twitter this week that I was reigniting my weight loss journey. I workout hard, lose a ton of weight, get hurt, gain it back. So this time I am gonna concentrate on working out longer periods of time and dialing down on the intensity. I am gonna weigh in every Monday and include the results in 55 every Monday. I want to say thanks for all of your kind words! This week I lost 15 pounds. I will defeat this illness as I call it. #MyJourney

46) terio

47) Not now terio…..

48) I will kill it though #IBelieve…no Temple

49) On Saturday night the Cards finished up their Club Ice Hockey season with a big 4-2 win over uk. If you haven’t been make sure you go to Iceland next year and catch a game. It had to be better than that dunk contest…I’m not gonna say any more

50) Your #8 @UofLBaseball Cards finished opening weekend with a 2-1 record with wins over WVU and Delaware. The Cards’ season opener at home will be Wednesday the 19th at 3 p.m. vs EKU. Admission and parking are free.

51) Softball didn’t fare as well in their weekend. The Cards go 1-3 with losses to North Carolina and 2 to #27 ND

52) Kaylin Morissette totaled career highs of six goals and nine draw controls, and the University of Louisville women’s lacrosse team stormed past Detroit 18-1 on a chilly Sunday afternoon in the UofL Lacrosse Stadium. Insert Terio again….

53) Before I forget, Vegas oddsmakers still think the Cards will be a #1 seed (read here)

54) Don’t forget loyal followers of CardinalSportsZone.com (Cheap pop) to tune in every day to 1080 am on your radio dial or your IHeart app to @TalkinNOIZ at 12:06-1pm. Lloyd Spence serves it up live from the Wendy’s studios Monday thru Friday. Steve Rummage from CSZ comes in on Mondays and Thursday and I drop in from time to time to talk Noiz. Tune In! *Jack Tunney was a great president Lloyd*


55) Last but not least it is time to reveal the #First15 Contest winner. Last week’s episode of 55 I informed you that I would do a drawing with the winner to be selected to do a guest spot in 55 by writing the first 15 lines. I will be doing this drawing the third Monday of the month with the winning person’s contribution in the following week’s 55. Without further adieu, many entered, only one could win. The winner this month is  @LarleesWorld. Congrats! DM me for additional instructions! Until next time….

Go Cards!

You can find the previous 12 Episodes of 55 by typing 55 in the CardinalSportszone.com search bar and clicking search

P.S.- @TurtleBITW and @JRVille25 both hit 1,000 folowers this week! So glad their Twitter war is over…lol

P.S.S.- Shoutout to Chane Behanan on trying to get his life back For more read here.

Here’s a few videos to get you through the week!

Not Basketball but a Buzzer beater vs Cincy in another sport….Couldn’t find Alhaji’s

*some info taken from press releases, most from CSZ and my brain

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