David Padgett Will Join Pitino’s Staff

The 'shiner' under Padgett's right eye came from an errant elbow in practice

During his press conference on Wednesday afternoon to announce new assistant coach Kenny Johnson, Rick Pitino also mentioned that someone else would be joining the staff. Former UofL big man David Padgett will join the staff as an Assistant Video Coordinator.

This could end up being a great move for the Cards. With two seven footers coming in, plus Mangok Mathiang still needing to improve, having someone like Padgett there to help could speed up their learning process a lot.

When we had the polls posted on this site for your all-time starting 5 for Rick Pitino players at UofL, Padgett was the center on my team. Gorgui was awesome, but Padgett was always a special player to me. He will surely be a valuable asset and can make an immediate impact on the big men next season.

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