Cards in the NBA Summer League 7/17/14



Three former Cards were in action on Thursday in the NBA Summer League, and here is how they did…

*Gorgui Dieng – Gorgui posted another double-double with 15 points and 12 rebounds as the Timberwolves lost 100-86 to the Kings. He also had 3 assists and 3 blocks, along with 5 turnovers. He shot 5-15 from the field and was 5-6 from the free throw line. He started and played 35 minutes. I would say that Gorgui is in line for a very good season. But if Kevin Love does get traded, he could have a great season. The Timberwolves may not, but Gorgui sure will!

*Russ Smith – Remember that guy who couldn’t play point guard? The guy that only looked for his own shot? Russ Smith LEADS THE ENTIRE NBA SUMMER LEAGUE IN ASSISTS! He is averaging 7.3 per game! In a 29 point loss yesterday to the Hornets, Russ had 19 points, 6 assists, and 5 rebounds. He did have 4 turnovers though. He also added a steal in his 26 minutes of play. He shot 7-15 from the field, including 1-2 from 3-point and was 4-5 from the free throw line. Oh, and he did this to P.J. Hariston!

*Luke Hancock – Luke had his second straight game of decent minutes as he played over 15 in this one for the Rockets. He scored 8 points but only had 1 rebound and 0 assists. He shot 1-5 from the field, including 1-3 from 3-point and was 5-5 from the free throw line. The Rockets beat the Cavs 96-90.


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