Predicted 2014 ACC Football Standings


The official media predictions will be released on Monday, but I figured I would go ahead and give my predictions for how I think the standings will be in the ACC this season. This prediction will mean about as much as the media one that comes out tomorrow, which is not much at all. The games have to be played on the field, so whatever we predict is just good for conversation and debate. Pretty soon I will post my game-by-game prediction for the Cards, but for now, here are my predicted standings…


1) Florida State

2) Louisville

3) Clemson

4) Syracuse

5) North Carolina State

6) Boston College

7) Wake Forest


1) North Carolina

2) Miami

3) Virginia Tech

4) Duke

5) Georgia Tech

6) Pittsburgh

7) Virginia

ACC Player of the Year

Jameis Winston – Florida State

ACC Coach of the Year

Bobby Petrino – Louisville

I believe that Florida State will be the overwhelming favorite to win the ACC and for good reason. They return a lot of firepower from the team that won last year’s National Championship. Even with some off-season controversy, Jameis Winston seems like the type of person that will only use that as motivation and it will not distract him.

In their first season in the ACC and with Bobby Petrino back on the sidelines, a lot of eyes will be on the Cards this year. With a 2nd place finish in the Atlantic behind only Florida State, the comeback story of Bobby Petrino begins with being recognized as the Coach of the Year in the conference.

Now go ahead and save this post so when the season ends, you can remind me how wrong I was. It is almost sure to happen.

Go Cards!



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