Five Captains Selected for 2014 UofL Football Team

Photo: @UofLBirdsNest
Photo: @UofLBirdsNest

On Wednesday afternoon, head coach Bobby Petrino announced who the captains will be for the 2014 football season. These five players were chosen by their teammates: Will Gardner, Jake Smith, Lorenzo Mauldin, Charles Gaines, and Sheldon Rankins. Mauldin and Smith are seniors; Gaines and Rankins juniors; and Gardner a sophomore.

“Announcing who are team captains is one of the great honors I get to do as head coach,” Petrino said. “I think these guys are tremendous leaders for our program and am excited that they will be the guys leading our team in our first season in the ACC.”

Here is what the players had to say about being selected.

*Will Gardner: “It means a lot to me when your teammates trust you enough to make you a captain. I’m glad they believe in my leadership abilities and I’m going to work hard to be a great leader for this football team.”

*Lorenzo Mauldin: “I was chosen to be a captain by my teammates because they believed that I can help lead them reach our goals this season. I’m truly honored to be selected.”

*Jake Smith: “Being named captain means a lot to me, personally. I appreciate the votes of the players. This is one of the biggest honors a player can receive in their careers and I’ll be proud to lead this team into the ACC.”

*Charles Gaines: “This is a dream come true and I’m extremely blessed to be one of the team captains. This is a great honor and I’m thrilled that my teammates believed in me.”

*Sheldon Rankins: “I’m excited. It is an honor that your teammates think that highly of you to name you a captain. I’m going to put everything I have into this responsibility.”

September 1 will be here before we know it!

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