Devante Parker: Scenarios

DeVante Parker

As most of you all know by now, Senior Wide Reciever Devante Parker was injured Friday night.  A lot of people are out there wondering and asking what could be wrong? Well I attempt to give you the 3 most likely scenarios.

1) Devante sprained his foot:

If Devante sprained his foot, he would be out only a few weeks and would be good to go in no time. One would think, as I did when I first heard of the injury, that he wouldn’t be sent to a specialist out of state if it were just a sprain.


2) Devante had a stress fracture/minor break:

If Devante were to have either of these, he would likely be back around the time of the Clemson game. These types of injuries carry a 6-8 week recovery time. This seemed like the more likely situation to me at the time.


3) Devante broke his foot severely:

If Devante broke his foot severely, he would be looking at 12-16 week recovery time. He would miss the entire season more than likely because in my opinion, we ouldn’t just play him in the bowl game unless we made it to the title game and he was ready to go to the NFL.


My Thoughts:

If Devante is out an extended period of time, we are gonna need the likes of Matt Milton, Cam Polk and Javonte Bagely to step up and step up big. I believe they can. We are very deep at WR and even though Devante is our star guy, we have 3 guys that can take the load of the burden for him. I do not think this injury affects any game result (W-L record wise) on our schedule except FSU. If Devante isn’t back by FSU I am not sure we can beat them. Not Impossible but would take a perfect storm. Without Vante I don’t think we win by as big of a margin the rest of the games.  With this being said, My only hopes are that DP heals quickly and correctly and is able to do what he loves as soon as possible. Not even from a sports aspect but from a personal standpoint. Everyone keep him and his family in your thoughts and lets get ready to black out Miami!


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