The Stemmys (My Midweek Awards)

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This is the first installment of The Stemmys. Every Wednesday I will put out my list of weekly awards given to those that have earned them. The amount and names of awards may differ each week but they are sure to be entertaining!

Mr. Truthful Award: Josh Shaw (USC CB)

Shaw is an on the field leader for the Trojans but his actions this week went even further. Shaw sprained both ankles while jumping in a pool to save his drowning nephew…..Wait what is that..

….Well this is awkward.

The “You have got to be kidding me?!” Award: The Miami Hurricanes

The Cards open up with the Miami Hurricanes this week and both teams are ready to play! The Cards look to start off in the ACC the right way and the Canes want revenge because they feel……………Disrespected? Miami claims that the Cards talked to much trash and tried to “run the score up”. Cry me a flipping river!!

So lets get this straight THE U, the team that has a 30 for 30 about how much they run their mouth is upset about big bad Louisville talking too much? This should tell you all you need to know haha. Looking forward to that blowout Monday.

Awkward moment in a car Award: Jeremy Wahman

Listening to CSZ’s own Jeremy Wahman sing “Boom Clap” all the way home from the gym is a position I hope none of you are ever in.

I miss you Award: Teddy Bridgewater

We were all reminded of just how much we miss Teddy Bridgewater this week when he took out this ad in the Cardinal news:


I think Teddy is in a great spot but I cant help but think of the excitement level if ol’ Teddy Heisman was suiting up for the Cards Monday Night.

I am losing my morals Award: Steven Rummage

I like many of you am a fantasy football league member. In my draft I took Browns WR Josh Gordon in hopes that maybe he would be cleared early. This entire week I have found myself pulling for Gordon (who clearly broke NFL rules and the law) to be cleared. Today I and Josh Gordon lost our case and are both extremely angry with the National Football League……..What have I become?

Game I am MOST excited for this opening weekend that Louisville doesn’t play in Award: Clemson at Georgia

There are plenty of solid games this week and the fact that it is opening weekend means I will watch them all. Clemson at Georgia to me is the most interesting. Georgia seems to be a trendy pick to win the SEC east and Clemson is one of the two favorites to win the ACC. Clemson will more than likely lose to FSU before we head to death valley so this is a win we need the Tigers to get.

Game I am LEAST excited for this opening weekend that Louisville doesn’t play in Award: UT Martin at Kentucky

Boy this should be a barn burner. On a positive note Kentucky will get 1 of it’s 2 or 3 wins so there’s that.

I can’t feel my face Award: CrumsRevenge

Our guy from did it again when he released this preview video for the upcoming football season.

<p><a href=”″>2014 Football Hype Video: Respect All, Fear None</a> from <a href=”″>@CrumsRevenge</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Louisville Cardinal Most likely to blow us away at some point Monday Night Award: James Quick

I don’t know how many yards or catches Quick will have but I have no doubt he will drop our jaws at some point against the Canes.

NickName of the week Award: Justin Renck

Yes that’s right folks….The Godfather. He is demanding to be called that now, appreciate that Raashaan.

See everyone next week!!





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