Black Out! (Dress Accordingly)

Monday marks a yearly occasion for us Louisville fans, a color coordinated event. Actually sometimes with Basketball included, we get to do it several times a year. Red-Outs, White-Outs…Black-Outs, It doesn’t which one it is, we don’t all comply. Not enough notice, don’t have anything that color for the weather that day…etc. etc. The reasons roll on. Well have no fear. I bring you viable options for Monday’s Black-out vs the University of Miami at PJCS and I would like to share them with you so we can get close to UL/WVU football (The most successful IMO) standards as far as uniformity is considered. I ran across these the other day at Cardinal Authentic (@CardsAuthentic)


Using the letters ACC to re-spell black out, these shirts (They released a 3rd one tonight I added without Blacc out on them) give you an option to go grab you a shirt marking this momentous occasion. Another option you have is to just wear one of your current black Louisville shirts. That’s what I will do since apparently Adidas thinks people stop growing at 2X for the event shirts. My buddy Chris said he didn’t have a black UL shirt and with the price of tickets he wouldn’t go buy one of these shirts. He asked what should he do, just wear a plain black T-shirt? The answer is yes. YES, YES, YES. you do not want to be the one red dot in a sea of black. I understand that we didn’t get enough notice for the White-out in Football but we have known this for months unofficially. NO EXCUSES! So wear whatever you want as long as its black and not another teams shirt…unless you have black tape to cover up the logo. Just wear black….

Go Cards!

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