The ‘Final Four’ Your Information


As my summer series comes to a close, I reflect on it up to this point. Did it accomplish everything it was supposed to? What was the point exactly? The purpose of this series was an experience for myself as well as to entertain the CSZ faithful, the Cardnation and those who follow my work. When I started, I had no real game plan; just a spin off of Jeremy’s 55 hiatus (which will return Labor Day and game day in the Ville). It kind of seems like I took my own hiatus since my last post. And some have noticed.

The National Champion, Peyton Siva.


A founder of CSZ, Jeremy Wahman.


Reporter for Louisville Catholic Sports Network, Conor Revell.


My virtual social life took the backseat to the real one right in front of me. I’m going to share with you the 4 lessons I learned and or realized over my 4YI series. This is…. The Final Four your Information of 2014.

1. The month of July has got to be the worst of the year if you are a Louisville resident. I’m not talking about Shoni Schimmel behind the arc when I say it’s ‘heating up’. The miserable heat has people willingly locking themselves in from the outside world. Not to mention the fact that there isn’t a single Louisville football or basketball game to indulge in. July is dead to me. No offense, America. It’s a Louisville thing! You wouldn’t understand.

2. Now, a second thing I learned over this series. And it’s a doozy.. Another four lettered ‘J’ word that absolutely sucks…. J-A-I-L. That’s right, Cardnation… I spent a little time in the big house last month. I think I’ve decided what is worse than the blistering heat of July… The arctic chills of jail with no option to escape is absolutely worse than no football or basketball games. Long story short, I blew a .1 after a late night out with some friends. My mother feared I would sport some sort of ‘badge of honor’ in this incident through social media but I’m not bragging about this happening, by any means. I’m sharing this experience as a lesson learned with my followers. I’ll take an entire year of Julys rather than spend an hour in that place again. Lesson learned AND realized.

3. As the seasons are starting back up and we’ve made our new home in the Atlantic Coast Conference, I’m imagining all the new experiences for my teams and my #cardnation. New facilities to visit and new rivalries to stir. Of course, the already set rivalries will continue (Kentucky, Syracuse, Notre Dame) but the one I think will be the most exciting is with the University of Miami Hurricanes. This rivalry is not exclusive to a single sport. Unfortunately it will not visit for men’s soccer but will compete in almost every other game.

4. And with sharing the rivalry I’m most excited for, the one I’m most sad to see take its own hiatus is the series with the Cincinnati Bearcats. When BBN refers to THE University of Louisville as a ‘little brother’ they use it as a sense of belittling the Louisville program but I mean only a sense of sincere endearment when I refer to UC as being related to the Louisville program. It’s the kind of sibling relationship where it’s okay to beat up on each other but you’re on each other’s side when they’re in competition with others. Till next time, Cinci-nasty….

I saw a tweet or maybe a fb status where it was suggested we replace the Keg of Nails trophy for one of a Schnellenberger pipe and I am on board with that idea 110%. I want the pipe tomorrow, #cardnation. Be loud, be proud and get ready to blACCk out!!!

I appreciate those who took the time to follow my 4YI series. I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say I could never thank you enough for the views, the replies & rebuttals and the encouragement to keep going. We are.. THE #Cardnation. It’s going to be one hell of a ride. 🙂

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