Doron Lamb: “If you play ball for UK, you can get whatever u want”



Former Kentucky basketball player Doron Lamb sent out this tweet earlier today. Of course, it has been deleted now. But take this context for what it’s worth. Is it breaking news that we didn’t already know about? Nah, not really. Just fun when someone tweets something like that and then deletes it for whatever reason. And don’t bother reading the rest of his tweets. If you have passed the 2nd grade, you won’t understand them.

Doron Lamb

9 Replies to “Doron Lamb: “If you play ball for UK, you can get whatever u want””

  1. Justin, you are a idiot and just another one of those jealous UL fans. UL has always been little brother in basketball, and by next year will be little brother in football too.
    Go drink some more Hateraid!!

  2. I liked the tweet where he said if anyone at uk if need some “twist” (aka marijuana) then hit @richiep69 up he got it on deck #facts”. I never have seen a nba player advertise for a pot dealer before.

  3. Duh. I dont think we need a tweet from Lamb to confirm whats long been known. Here’s another shocker for you…you can get anything you want anywhere if you play ball at this level. Duh.

  4. Didn’t Virginia beat UL and it was the first time they won a conference game in over a year

  5. Look if you’re a Uk fan commenting on this then you are salty! Just stop! And if you are going to smack talk, at least sound like you have an education. That’s for you James! And sure Virginia won but when was the last time you beat Florida! and no it wasn’t this year.

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