Interview With Danny Mosby From BirdGang Clothing

As I said yesterday, just over a year ago former Card Danny Mosby was brought on to consult with a local business in hopes of getting a buzz out to the Cardinal faithful. 1 year and many changes later himself along with Nappy Roots own Brian “Buffalo Stille” and Ronald “Ron Clutch” Wilson have gotten everything turned around and launched under a new name.
Danny was my teammate at the University of Louisville and next door neighbor at the esteemed Miller Hall. OK not so esteemed but we all had a blast. The very first day I met him I walked up and said I’m Jeremy. He said Naw, you’re Big Dog….I’m Mo Money. It was a natural fit. I just kinda clicked with the whole Male High group. Danny was one of the first people who came to talk to me after my career ending injury. One of the coolest people I’ve ever met. That’s why when he approached me about covering his clothing line it was a no brainer. I sat down to talk to Danny yesterday and asked him a few questions. I hope you enjoy!

JW-You worked so hard to get Birdgang up and running, are you glad to be back?
DM-That’s a great question! Because we never left! The response was so great initially that we felt we would do our Cards Fans an injustice if we did not take the time to create some of the freshest designs ever, centered around The University of Louisville. And in the process of strategizing, the demand for our product grew drastically. So months ago we targeted the Florida State game as the perfect time to unveil our new designs and launch a whole new, because we are about the team! And the team is the Cardinal faithful!
JW- Remind everyone what We are birdgang is about.
DM- Birdgang Brand Clothing is based in Louisville, Kentucky and is a high-fashion urban sports apparel company centered around the University of Louisville Athletics. We are supported and approved by the University of Louisville, and we are officially licensed by the CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company). So tell the bootleggers thank you for the love! But we can take it from here! The owners of the company are Brian Scott (B.Stille of Nappy Roots), Ron Wilson (Clutch of Nappy Roots), and Myself.
JW- What are the plans for the future?
DM- That’s simple. To continue rolling out innovative designs as expeditiously as possible and give our fans what they want; which Per our research over the past twelve months is high quality apparel that breaks the mold, feels great to wear and has an urban appeal. The Cards Fans were tired of the same streamlined apparel that everyone has. They were, and still are seeking something new and fashionable. That’s what we provide. That’s our lane! We also plan to open up another round of capital raising which in the past has been very successful, to help with advertising dollars, expansion and even providing job opportunities for the city of Louisville. So shout out to our investors! We humbly thank you for your sacrifices and making this dream just as much yours as it is ours ! While I’m shouting out, shout out to my lovely daughter Hayden! I love you! Anytime I have a platform to be heard, I will let that be known! And shout out to Allison Luber! She is one of the biggest Cardinal Fans ever, and we appreciate her for supporting Birdgang Brand Clothing, and wearing our shirts on national television-front row seats! Lastly, we want to continue adding retail partnerships with the likes of Hall of Fame Cafe, JD Becker etc, who were instrumental in our initial success and continue to support us.
JW- What’s your prediction for Thursday?
DM- My prediction for Thursday is a nail biter, but an upset victory for the Cards! I can remember vividly the last time they were here it didn’t go so well for them. Another shout out to Damien Dorsey for treating FSU like they were the underdog ! Thursdays Score 27-21! Cards!!!!! The Goal Post is coming down!
JW-  I have us winning 34-31…I like your prediction though. lol. Anything else you want to add ?
DM- Sure. Again I want to thank the unwavering Cardinal Faithful that support everything Louisville. It’s a blessing and a dream to be partnered with our esteemed University through the Collegiate Licensing Corporation, and we plan to do our University and Birdgang loyalist very proud.Thank you for your continued support!

Cardinal Fans are truly amazing. The best there is! Wearebirdgang!

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