Kentucky Player: Petrino Said to Meet at the 50 Yard Line

Photo: Tim Haag/
Photo: Tim Haag/

You can’t make this stuff up. Well, I guess you could. That seems like the only logical explanation, only it’s not. Bud Dupree, a senior for Kentucky’s football team….well, I guess he isn’t on the team anymore since their season is over, but I digress…had some interesting comments today.

Dupree was a guest on KSR and had this to say about the scuffle before the game: “We heard through the grapevine that coach Petrino told his players to meet us at the 50 so we met ’em there.”

Maybe we have uncovered the problem with UK football. They don’t know how to read the numbers on a football field.


The photo is from the press box, but you can clearly see that this scuffle is occurring on Louisville’s side of the field, on the 40. See that big Cardinal Bird head in the middle? That would be the 50. Perhaps they also make this mistake when trying to stop their opponent from scoring. They stop playing at the 10 yard line, while the opponent gets to the endzone. They are certainly changing the game if this is the case.

It is obvious that it was Kentucky’s intention to come out and try to start stuff before the game even started. They ran out and went through Louisville’s warmups. Jeff Badet, who wasn’t even in pads to play, squared up like he was ready to fight. He looked very professional in doing so.

Video doesn’t lie.

Kentucky, you looked like idiots during this, and you lost the game and your season is over. Thanks for playing.

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  1. You are an idiot. The video you posted even states the first scuffle started at the 50, the second one was at the 40. Bud Dupree has more class and character than any of the Louisville Football team including Coach Petrino! I can’t believe anyone from Louisville would have the audacity to talk about Kentucky players character with the outlaws they have in their program. Talk about someone not being professional, how about classless Coach Petrino getting in on the scuffle! Real Professional!!! FYI, UK leads the series not U of L, and for playing a top 25 team, I don’t think UK did to bad. I believe this one will turn out different next year, maybe that is what you are really concerned about. I am for Louisville when they don’t play Kentucky, it is assholes like you that make me regret that decision!

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