ACC Ends Relationship With Referee Karl Hess


For the most part, if you know who an official is by name, that probably isn’t a good thing. It usually means they have caused so much controversy that you actually remember who they are every time they officiate a game involving your favorite team. Louisville fans shouldn’t have to worry about Karl Hess anymore, as the ACC is ending their relationship with him, effective immediately.

This wasn’t just because of one incident, but a collection of controversial behavior, which you can also read about in the article linked above. However, there was a recent incident that probably finished him off. This was actually during the Louisville-Wake Forest game.

According to, Mit Shah is the CEO of the Atlanta-based Noble Investment Group, one of the Deamon Deacons’ top boosters and a former Wake Forest Board of Trustees Member. Nice job there, Karl.

One of his finer moments…

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