Could Terry Rozier Return Next Season?

Photo: Tim Haag/
Photo: Tim Haag/

During his radio show on Monday night, Rick Pitino said a couple of things that hinted at the possibility of sophomore Terry Rozier returning to UofL next season.

Now we knew senior day would include Wayne Blackshear, because you know, he is a senior. I assumed Montrezl Harrell would be included, just because it seems like a foregone conclusion that he is gone. I have never been convinced that Terry Rozier would be able to participate in Senior Day on Saturday.

I don’t just say that because I think he is for sure coming back. It is just that he is a sophomore, just like Montrezl was last season when everyone said he was going pro. There was no part of me that thought Harrell would be back this season, and he was. So this season, all of the talk has been that Rozier is for sure going pro. Why is it for sure? He can’t come back for his junior season when it’s expected that he leaves? He certainly can.

Rozier is listed at 6’1. That is probably too short to be a shooting guard in the NBA, which is the position he has mostly played at UofL. He could do what Russ Smith did and return to show the scouts that he can distribute the ball as well as score. Not saying that he would be the full-time point guard, because Quentin Snider should have that spot locked up. But Rozier could still focus on that part of his game when needed, and then take over and be a scorer whenever the game calls for him to do so, again like Russ.

It is still likely that Rozier leaves UofL and goes to the NBA after this season. I am just saying that it is not 100% until he declares and signs with an agent. I was completely shocked when Montrezl Harrell returned for his junior season. It took this team from average to “could be very good.” I have no problem with being shocked again with someone returning for their junior season, and probably giving the team the same outlook. From average to “could be very good.”

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