ESPN Bracketology on Selection Sunday Morning

Photo: Tim Haag/
Photo: Tim Haag/

Joe Lunardi may get on people’s nerves. But if there is one thing the man knows, it is brackets, so it is worth posting his predictions, especially this morning.

He has the Cards as a 4 seed in…of course…Kentucky’s region.


My thought on that is simple: bring it on. I mean why not? A loss to the Cats this year would not hurt as bad as last year did when we were the better team and supposed to win. If we played them now and lost, well we lost to an NBA team, it happens. But if we got that win? Incredible. To me, the reward is worth taking the risk. The win would feel better than the loss would hurt. Last year hurt. This year would be like “you are supposed to beat us.”

Of course we would have to win 2 games to get there first.

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