Cleveland Browns passed on DeVante because he isn’t tough enough?


Last year, the Cleveland Browns passed on Teddy Bridgewater. This year, they had the chance to draft DeVante Parker. They passed on him as well. While nearly all Louisville fans breathed a sigh of relief (I say nearly because I have family that are Browns fans…sorry!), apparently the Parker family was also relieved.

According to this article in the Sun Sentinel, DeVante Parker’s mom was also happy to see Cleveland not take DeVante. “I didn’t like the town and they didn’t have the quarterback,” she said. She added: “I knew I didn’t want the Cleveland Browns. I know the teams he could go to and the teams he couldn’t go to. We were happy with the Miami Dolphins. He was very ecstatic.”

Mary Kay Cabot of wrote why the Browns did not pick him.

They passed on him for a reason at No. 12 overall: they felt he wasn’t tough enough and didn’t love the game enough.

This is where I remind you again that the Browns also passed on Teddy Bridgewater for Johnny Manziel, and I will just leave this little video here.

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  1. who the hell is mary kay cabot. wtf is . All this is is sour grapes cause mom called the city a slum, which, uh , it is. No way a person with the Browns would be dumb enough to say something like this, even if they are dumb enough to work for the Browns.

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