UK QB on US Women’s Soccer: This is for Pearl Harbor


Just like the last time I posted about a Kentucky quarterback, I put “UK QB” in the title because if I put the name “Drew Barker”, you probably would not know who I was talking about and may not click the link. After all, we are talking about somebody who doesn’t even play.

First, it was the airsoft gun incident. Then getting decked on EKU’s campus after the bar fight. Now, a tweet that references Pearl Harbor. Drew is taking “Stoops Troops” to the extreme on this one. The tweet was deleted, of course. But these things live on forever these days on the world wide web. Good move, Drew.

Drew Barker

2 Replies to “UK QB on US Women’s Soccer: This is for Pearl Harbor”

  1. Barker is an underachieving, entitled poser, but he comes by it honestly. I’ve known his family since the ’80s, and the kid had no chance.

  2. I’d say dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki – killing at least 250,000 more innocent non-combatants (mostly women and children) than were killed at Pearl Harbor – was probably payback enough without adding a harmless soccer match 75 years later.

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