Cardinal Catch-Up 8/21/15

I know it is late in the day but I had to share some Friday things with you guys and I just got control of the computer from the wife (she takes her RN test again tomorrow, wish her luck). You know what they say, if first you don’t succeed, please pass this time because it is getting expensive….or something like that. Let us begin……..


Tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. tune in to the CardinalSportsZone show hosted by Steve Rummage. Justin will be in the studio as well with special guest Perrin Johnson. Plenty to talk about with P. I will be monitoring the social networks and get your questions answered on air! You can also call in to the show at 815-0939 or Text the Flooring Solutions by Rainwater text line at 653-9939.


This was shown at the Kick-Off luncheon and was pretty sweet! Check it out!

It was announced today that UofL and IU will start playing a series in the near future.

AD Tom Jurich said the goal was to play in all sports and to have a friendly border rival.


Fultz picked somebody other than us, on to Brandon Robinson it is….

Photo: USA Today
Photo: USA Today


Sorry Coach, I will move forward…..


Go to and order your Birdgang gear today! type in L1C4 at checkout for 10% off of individual purchases or CSZ for a 2 for $35 deal!


This edition has reminded me a little bit of the award-winning (not true) weekly episodic series 55. You guys need to help me decide if I continue 55 or make LiveWith55 year round. Let me know next Wednesday. We will have on John Fogle to talk pep rally party at Saints for those who want to party with fellow UofL fans. There will be raffles and much more! Stay tuned! Speaking of…..


Don’t forget LiveWith55 is on every Wednesday night at 7:30 at along with the CardinalSportsZone show on Saturday mornings at 10.

Go Cards!


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