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That is the real question, Are you actually ready for this #cardnation?

With a quick approaching football season kickoff in Atlanta, wave HELLO… because with my enthusiasm, I bring to you a collection of my most prized Cardinal collection for a 2015 season fashion piece. I mentioned it on Live with 55 to my co-CSZ Jeremy and Steve a couple months ago and for the past several months I have collected my favorite brands of our favorite Cardinal brand.  Pack your bags with me:

“I like my money right where I can see it.. Hanging in my closet”
-Carrie Bradshaw


Or, y’know, hanging in banners and trophies. The star of the popular early 2000s Sex and the City couldn’t be more ‘on the money’ in reference to the female consumer market, especially among the sport industry.

According to Forbes, “While the female consumer purchasing power has been widely reported at 85%, it seems that only recently the business sector has replaced the ‘shrink it and pink it’ mentality with authentically listening to the needs of women.” And thank heavens, right!?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t fit the socially constructed mold that female’s need their game-day attire to be pink to be attractive.  I’m not against it, if you’re into that sort of thing, but I personally do not agree with colors as gender appropriate or not and some of you may know of my fascination for a particular pink hat.  We are all different sizes, we all have different tastes, so my desire for more sparkle might not rub off on you (just kidding, sparkles rub off on everyone: PLOT TWIST) but the color pink does not generalize the female gender.

All in all, I believe there is an undiscovered power in the female sex and it’s Louisville city.  A city that follows its team across the nation in wins and losses, it equals in passion and style.  The Cards are never out of season, and if you’re a rational fan like myself.. you don’t leave ‘The Ville’ without letting the rest of the nation know your affiliation.


Lets begin with the forecast for Atlanta this Labor Day weekend…

image (7)

Rain is heavily predicted for game time, so ladies, don’t skip on bringing your rainboots because no one enjoys wet socks.  I’ve got my red and black packed and ready to seize the day at the Dome.

The real game changer this season is GAMEDAY Couture.

I first discovered this brand while taking a college course, it was featured on an entrepreneur TV show ‘Shark Tank’ & I knew immediately that I wanted to be affiliated with & that it would flourish in the greatest college town in the USA. I reached out to the owner/creator JJ Ward looking to help spread awareness. Louisville Licensing is one of about 60 at this current time and the brand in expected to expand throughout the NCAA sooner rather than later.

After a few emails and pleasant phone calls with JJ, I received three items delivered to my doorstep. Individually packaged inside a bigger one, I didn’t even get to claw through the plastic before my face lit up in the pure glory that’s is the a Louisville Cardinals collection of GAMEDAY Couture.

image[1] (2)
The items included:
❗️Red sheer top, Card in the bottom corner
❗️Gray striped polo hoodie, Card in top corner
❗️Leopard t-shirt

I did, however, stumble upon the brand at the local Alumni Hall located in the St. Matthews mall.  I spoke with the store clerk at the time and they expect to get more of the brand this fall.
Your best bet for the newest releases are through the website:

This leads me to my next shop stop:
⭕️Alumni Hall

Credit Dan McDonnell for the next trend… Bucket hats.

image (3)

I first spotted this particular hat at the Louisville baseball super regional game vs Cal State Fullerton.
A small boy was at the standing bar along the first base line… It took me an hour of staring at it to approach the kid with a deal I thought was too good for him to pass up. He looked to be 11 years old. So I figured if I offered him $20 for his headgear and he can tell his parents it was stolen by some large woman so he can get another. He smiled and shook his head and said he had got it for Christmas and would be vacationing the following week. I didn’t consider that his father might have been the guy standing next to him, he laughed and pointed me to the St. Matthews mall.
Kudos to kiddo for adding this one to my traveling must haves. For weather, for propaganda, for glory.

You’ll find a wall of hats and bucket caps to choose from in this store. It’s divided down the middle so stick to your right and you can’t go wrong. As I stated, I did happen to find the GAMEDAY couture brand on site. Not the gear that was sent to me but the familiarity was a pleasant surprise.

I left with a casual red black and white striped tee from the clearance rack and black business casual polo with the cardinal bird in the upper left hand corner.

image (8)

If you’re anything like me, it’s the accessories that tie whole ‘fit together and put the ‘U’ in unique. So guess what, cardnation…


It’s a Party!
Creator: Ashley Smialek

I know of Miss Ashley through the power of social media. She is a fellow Male High School alum and a good friend of a good friend.

You see, Ashley’s goods took social media by storm. I noticed the sparkle, the bold uniqueness and I reached out to her with one phrase… ‘Give me Louisville’.

Ashley was more than willing to oblige. Within two weeks I was delivered 3 gold wire  Louisville inspired set of bangles.

image[1] (3)    Big red bead
Two black beaded
75cents of Kentucky quarters

The bracelets are made to order and to size, best reached through her Etsy website.

While I do have an entire drawer harboring Red & Black and a couple football jerseys with numbers of retired Cardinals, this game-day wear is dedicated to my most recent acquire.  Dont forget your cardinal bird face tattoos & PJ pants for victory celebration into the late hours.  The game is sold out and we’ve got to show out… Zip up that suitcase, toss it into the trunk and follow me down to the Georgia Dome for the much anticipated Chick-fil-a Kickoff game vs the Auburn Tigers.




chick fil a kickoff

Another Miss making an appearance in the ATL is Pink Hat!

Make sure you follow her ridiculous trip to kickoff on Twitter @darylspinkhat

pink hat

And don’t be shy to introduce yourself to us. See you Saturday at the Georgia Dome at 3:30pm!! Be loud, be proud #cardnation  I’ll be on the lookout for my favorite Cardinal looks this season and might even feature a few in the future!

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