News from the Red Rage: Samford tailgate

Red Rage

It’s about time to begin a new post leading up to each home game, or just whenever I deem necessary. It will be called “News from the Red Rage” and will give a little insight into the upcoming tailgate. If you tailgate at Old Cardinal Stadium or you are looking for somewhere to go, this is the place for you. Good food, good music, a good time, and most importantly, awesome people. If you have to pay to get in, it is $8 and you park wherever you want. Can’t beat that.

This Saturday, the Cards take on Samford at 6:00 p.m. ET. The Red Rage will be setting up around 11:00 a.m.. They will have food, catered by TimBec2 Custom Catering. The food should be ready around 1:00 and we would like for people to “donate” for the food that they eat. How awesome is that? You don’t have to worry about bringing food or a grill. Just show up, toss a few bucks their way, and your food is covered. One less worry.

Red Rage menuRed Rage menu 2

Also, DJ Optimix Prime will be there to have the music going for everybody.

As always, we will present someone with the CSZ/RRTG Tailgate of the Week, which is basically the equivalent of the Super Bowl MVP trophy.

So we will see you out at Old Cardinal Stadium, lot H, around 11:00 Saturday morning. While making your drive in, be sure to listen to 93.9 The Ville as Cardinal Sports Zone takes over the airwaves. Myself, Steve Rummage, and Perrin Johnson have you covered from 10-11.

Tune in, tailgate, have fun. And for the love of the football Gods, beat Samford!

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