Kyle Kuric to have surgery for brain tumor


You never like to see the word “tumor” in any situation. It appears that Kyle Kuric will be undergoing surgery for a brain tumor. From

The player of Gran Canaria had felt some migraines before the game against Laboral Kutxa on Sunday that didn’t allow him to play. Unfortunately, the tests revealed that his has a brain tumor that needs to be removed.

According to GIGANTES, his team informed that Kyle Kuric was diagnosed with a meningioma on his brain. This type of tumor is slow growing, non cancerous and in 85% of cases, benign as well. The American player will undergo a surgery in the following days in Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona, where he is hospitalized. His teammates visited him in order to wish him well on their way to Berlin, where Gran Canaria will play against Alba for Eurocup.

Sending all kinds of thoughts and prayers Kyle’s way. Kuric’s wife gave birth to twins about 3 months ago.

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