Bloggin’ Rick Pitino says “Quentin must be on the floor for major minutes”

Photo: Tim Haag/
Photo: Tim Haag/

I am all for Rick Pitino stepping up the blogging game this season. So far, he has done that. If he is putting out a blog after an exhibition game against Bellarmine, maybe that means we will hear from the Coach more frequently this season on the interwebs.

Here are a couple notable parts from the latest blog:

What I learned for us to make our offense run smooth is Quentin must be on the floor for major minutes. He makes us go and gets paint touches the best on our team, along with Damion. His final hurdle is defensive rebound or get deflections, which he did not get any against Bellarmine. Now you may say, “why do you need your point guard rebounding?” Simple. Very few point guards hit the glass; they run back for transition defense. Q has free reign to chase the ball down. I told him we expect five-to-six rebounds per game and six-to-seven deflections.

I have always said, “defense on three” when we break our huddle. This team says “family!” After every break, I realize how lucky I am to be teaching such an outstanding group of young men. When they chant “Who has my back?” during the starting lineups video, they mean it!

Want to read the rest of the blog? Of course you do. Click here to read it.

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