An update from Kyle Kuric’s dad: Monday 7 pm


Kyle Kuric’s dad just gave another update on Facebook, and it is another great one! Now Kyle is walking around a little bit and he continues to improve. We appreciate his family giving these updates.

In the past few days, we have seen more progress in Kyle’s recovery. Since he was moved out of the Icu, we have witnessed more improvements in him on a daily basis. He is now walking around the unit with less assistance and is regaining his strength working with physical therapy. He’s been on his computer and constantly on the phone so we think he doing great. A repeat Ct scan today showed much less brain swelling which is very good news. His neurosurgeon was in today and he is very happy with Kyle’s progress and he may allow Kyle to leave the hospital soon !!! He still needs another surgery which is planned in 10 days and after a couple weeks recovery he will be able to return to GC if all continues as planned.

There are so many people who have rallied around Kyle and our family over the past 2 weeks. We would like to thank the nursing staff at Centre Medico Teknon who have provided excellent care to Kyle . Thanks to Dr Ignacio Muro for all his assistance during this time as well. Kyle’s basketball team Herbalife Gran Canaria have been incredibly supportive during this difficult time. Special thanks to the GM Berdi Pérez Mazaand and to the club president Miguel Ángel Betancor. Kyle’s teammates and their wives/ girlfriends have also provided incredible support to him and Taraneh. The ACB was quickly onsite in Barcelona and offering their support and assistance which was greatly appreciated. We were overwhelmed when all 18 teams in the league wore special shirts supporting Kyle before the week 5 games.

Finally a sincere thanks to Dr Gerard Plans for doing an amazing and spectacular effort in an incredibly difficult situation. We can never thank you enough for what you have done for Kyle and our family.

Lastly to Kyle’s agent and close friend Guillermo Bermejo and agency Ufirst Sports, words are not enough to thank you for all you have done for us . Thank you.

I have to leave tomorrow for my return to Louisville but Judi and Katie will remain here in Barcelona to assist with Kyle’s ongoing recovery. A sincere thanks to all our friends and family who kept Kyle in their thoughts and prayers.

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