Revisiting an Instagram post from June about the UofL-UK game

Governor's Cup Trophy
Photo: Tim Haag/

Here is your social media tip for the day if you are a college athlete: If you have a game at the end of November, posting about it in June may come back to bite you. Such is the case for Patrick Towles, who posted this gem back in June.

I posted about it back when he put that out there, and this seemed like a good time to remind everyone about it. I suppose he can still be ready for his team to get another shot at Louisville. But with Drew Barker taking the snaps now, Towles will only be a spectator.

The best part of that picture is that it was taken right after Gerod Holliman lit him up. Towles got up and got in his face, picture taken, Towles looks like the tough guy. Pictures can be deceiving.

In last season’s game, where 3rd string QB Kyle Bolin (from Lexington) threw for 381 yards and 3 touchdowns in less than 3 quarters of action, Towles was 14/29 for 176 yards, 0 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. The second interception was to Gerod Holliman to wrap up the win for the Cards. It also tied the NCAA interception record in a season for Holliman.

Ah, it’s rivalry week!

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