UK players weigh in on Saturday’s game

Kentucky 2

After Kentucky’s win over Charlotte on Saturday, the conversation naturally turned towards their next game against Louisville. The Courier-Journal’s Jon Hale was in the locker room and got some feedback from some of the Kentucky players with their thoughts on the rivalry with the Cards.

Defensive tackle C.J. Johnson:

“We just want to win. That ain’t different, but I feel like there’s more seniors on the field now. It actually like means a lot to us. I don’t know if that means anything, but with a lot of seniors being on the field I feel like the fight is going to be a lot greater.”

More Johnson:

“It’s part of a rivalry. It makes the game exciting. Anytime you play a rivalry because they’re right down the street it’s like bragging rights. You want to go out and fight, have a dog fight out there. We plan on making it like that this year too because I don’t like them.”

Running back Jojo Kemp:

“We want payback, man,” Kemp said. “We want to work and just control what we can control, attack the week and just be ready to play come Saturday.”

Defensive tackle Farrington Huguenin when talking about the Cats being 5-6 going into the game, just like last season:

“Same story. We just got to write a different ending.”

If you are curious about how Matt Elam feels about the game, here is a tweet from him, which has since been deleted.


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