Pitino explains skipping the UK post-game press conference

Rick Pitino
Photo: USA Today

A lot has been made about Rick Pitino not speaking to the media after Saturday’s loss at UK, instead sending Ralph Willard to handle that. Some people don’t think it’s a big deal at all, others think it is. I am more on the side that it is. In his latest blog, Pitino explains his reasoning. After reading it, my feelings on it don’t change one bit.

Before I release the MVP order, let me set the record straight about not doing a postgame press conference. I told Kenny Klein and Paul Rogers 24 hours before the game that it didn’t matter, win or lose, I would speak to our fans through our postgame radio interview and Ralph would speak with the media. I’ve done the same after a victory at home. It is an ACC rule for me to do the postgame interviews for league games, but not for non-conference games.

But let’s get to the truth of why. Once every two years, it’s an extremely emotional and difficult experience for me to coach in Rupp Arena. I knew that when I accepted the job at Louisville, but it’s never easy. We give them credit for the victory and we hope to grow after the loss.

Alrighty then.

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