Pete Nochta is cancer free!

Pete Nochta

The following update on Pete’s health was sent to me from his friend Alyssa Crosby.

This is a pretty long story but I’ll try to make it as swift and concise as possible…

Everything seemed like it was going well after his first three rounds of chemo and it looked really positive and it seemed as if the cancer was almost gone…. After Pete’s six initial rounds of chemo, the PET scans showed cancer was back and everywhere that it was originally. It was in his knee, femur, pelvis, stomach, chest and neck.

He had to then start another type of chemo that was a lot more potent and hard on his body. He had to stay at the hospital for about 4 days at a time and it was obviously difficult. He got another PET scan after two rounds of that type treatment and it wasn’t working at all and was so incredibly discouraging. The doctors stopped the chemo completely so his mom actually requested another biopsy because Pete wasn’t as “sick” as he should have been with the cancer progressing as it was.

Since around Thanksgiving, he’s had 4 biopsies. The first was of a lymph node in his chest and it came back that they didn’t get enough tissue so they had to do another one. The results of the second came back with no cancer when they got plenty of tissue. So, the doctors were scratching their heads. The cancer was originally found in his knee so they did a biopsy on the bone. No cancer.

Last Tuesday, he went in for a surgery to remove numerous samples of tissue from a few lymph nodes in his neck and no cancer again! It’s surreal for him to be totally confident in saying he’s in remission. It’s literally a miracle and has been quite the journey. I’m sure I speak for Pete and his family when I say that we have all been so thankful and felt so blessed by all of the support that has come from the Cardinal family. None of this would have possible without having everybody continuing to encourage Pete and keep him strong through the entire process. There have been so many ups and downs and Pete and his family deserve this amazing news!

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