Cardinal Catch-Up: Alhaji Mohammed


(via Alhaji Mohammed)
(via Alhaji Mohammed)


One thing that I love in the local sports scene right now is how myself and Marques Maybin are keeping in touch with former Cards. Marques has his throwback Thursday on the Deener show on ESPN 93.9 FM & I talk with the guys from all sports on LiveWith55 on Wednesday nights at Today is a very welcome slow news day for CardNation.

I was talking this morning to Alhaji Mohammed. It’s no secret if you follow Mo is that he is a very charitable individual. He has always been humble and kind and willing to give back to the community. Of course I must preface this with the fact he is my friend. However he is one of the best people I have ever met. I met him back in 2004 when I went to a summer league game in the barber shop league down at St Stevens. He didn’t know me but we sat there and talked hoops while I watching my young bull Terrance Farley play in the league.

One thing that you may not know is that by the numbers ($$$ & buckets) he is one of the most successful Louisville Cardinals on the court. He is a 3x champ & 2x league MVP He is currently in his 12th season and he is leading the Romania league in points (20.5) and averaging 6.1 rebounds & 4.9 assists per game for Mures. Everyone likes to throw around that he is Nazr brother but Alhaji has made his own success. He is no doubt one of the hardest workers I know. I want to share this highlight reel with you on this day of rebounding for the emotions of CardNation. A classic & a new one from this week still showing that Haji got hops! I know that makes 2 nicknames, we are friends get over it. lol

I did ask Alhaji this morning about the news that Louisville would be banned from the post-season.

Alhaji- “You should never punish kids that had nothing to do with what happened before they got there. If it even did happen. None of those kids were even around. All of those late nights in the gym. The pain coach g put them through all that for nothing. It’s not fair at all”

I think CardNation agrees with you Mo. Thanks to Alhaji Mohammed for taking the time out to talk to us again. Until next time CardNation stay blessed and remember….

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