Ray Ganong: Worlds Most Intense Man

Photo: syracuse.com
Photo: syracuse.com

One guy that hates attention but always seems to be the center of it is University of Louisville Strength and Conditioning Coach Ray Ganong. Coach has been with the school for 31 years and has National Championship rings in three different sports. (Basketball-UL, Football-Miami, Baseball-Miami) 36 years in the industry. I have known and loved coach G for a little longer than most because his popularity has just gained steam the past few years. Coach G was my strength & conditioning coach at Louisville and has remained a friend ever since. His family are friends. Just one of the greatest guys I have ever know.

Ok now that we have the pleasantries out of the way. Dude is intense! His hulk-like transformations in practice, training or even games is unreal. He is one of the reasons for success University wide as far as I am concerned. I’ve seen Volleyball players, Women’s Bball players, Football players and Baseball players go work out with him over my life time. Everybody loves Ray. They could make a TV show out of it. Well one that was good anyways. Here are some clips of the great one that I hope you either enjoy or get scared crapless.

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