Shaq Almost A Card?


I was scrolling through my social media and seen one of the most intriguing things I have seen in a while. A hidden gem. Let me preface this with two things. 1) As a youngster I had awful taste in music. 2) I had purchased the 1st few Shaquille O’neal CD’s. Yes Steve & Justin they were still CD’s then. I read a post from CN2 reporter Garrett Moore (@Garrett_cn2) that flat out stated that Shaquille O’neal to the Ville was a possibility. Who better to get us out of this funk that we are in that Shaq-Fu himself. Damion Lee screams out “Who’s Got my back?” & Shaq returns “I got your back”. Brilliant. I never knew we were even close to turning Louisville into ShaqVille O’neaL, or some other clever combination of words. Garrett’s was good too. It was also announced today that the Miami heat will retire his number next season. Congrats. Here’s Garrett……

UofL BASKETBALL | What if Shaq had been a Cardinal?

by Garrett Moore


The Big Aristotle. Shaq Daddy. The Big Shaqtus. The Shaq da Ville?

What if long time NBA great and Louisiana State star Shaquille O’Neal had come to Louisville? Well apparently that was a possibility. At a Tuesday afternoon press conference promoting the 30-year reunion of the Cards’ 1986 National Championship team, Louisville legends Robbie Valentine, Coach Denny Crum, and Milt Wagner reminisced on the chance to bring Shaq Fu to the ‘Ville.

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