Treyson: The Highchair Emcee

Louisville v Samford

I will admit it. Before last week I had not heard of the High-chair emcee. I am NOT ok with that. Come to find out he has been on the Deener show for a while and has recently started doing Ramsey & Rutherford pitches. Wouldn’t hate to hear he had done a CardinalSportsZone Radio plug if I am being honest (Saturdays at 10am on ESPN 93.9 FM). One of the most adorable things I have seen or heard and much-needed. My guy Sean Moth may be in serious trouble if this kid decides to go pro by the age of 8. If you have only heard the hype but not the man, here you go…..Treyson: The High-chair emcee.


Just awesome! He most definitely has our back CardNation. Go Cards!



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