CardNation: We Will Get Through This

All hail our UofL!

CardNation. It’s not just a term, it’s a way of life. Through the good and the bad we always prove one thing and that is that we persevere. We have unfortunately had a lot of bad times to try us over the past few years as well. I won’t get into that. One thing I do know though is that we will get through this. We are too proud and too strong. Other programs have been through similar trials and tribulations and have rebounded (no pun intended) just fine. It just hurts at the moment. I get it.

It feels like the end of the world to those of us who are so passionate about what we love. A team that we are happy with, sad with and aggravated with. We love these teams like family. That’s the difference between us and a ton of other fanbases. We lift them up not push them down. It will be ok. We will get through this.

These young men are like family. Some grew up in the city. We have watched them all grow. They came to the University of Louisville to be coached and to an extent parented by THE best in the business, Coach Rick Pitino. The man who works with 2*’s that have Russdiculous implications in Cardinal lore. The man who took a 5* Peyton Siva and helped mold him into one of the best leaders and examples our program has ever seen. Do they hope to go pro? Yes. There is no doubt that a lot of them have signed with Louisville to learn how to dominate life as well.

We will get through this CardNation. There are a lot of worse things that could be happening. My friend lost his wife to a battle with cancer (Rest In Piece Jen) just hours after the victory vs #1/2 UNC on Monday. That’s a tragedy, this is not even though it feels devastating. Just trying to put things into perspective. I realize that I am bouncing around from point to point but I am just pouring my heart out onto this page so forgive me. Paige & Dallas have both posted their thoughts this weekend as well. Click on their names to read their thoughts. We will have a special edition of LiveWith55 Wednesday night where I bring on as many of the contributors of CSZ that can call in and we will go more in-depth. (Cheap pop) 7:30 pm EST.

Am I mad? of course I am. I 1000% believe that Coach P did not know about this. Somebody should have though. If it is the person who is responsible that I think it is, then I am not surprised. They should be barred from ever being near basketball again. I have to calm down. Is the punishment fair? We really don’t know yet. Regardless, let’s support them no matter what. Let me digress for a moment for my own sanity. The purpose of this was to calm everyone down not anger them. The University of Louisville is a school that we love no matter what. Ups & downs, trials or tribulations. So lets focus on supporting this team and lifting up Trey Lewis & Damion Lee. This has served as therapy for me so I thank you for taking the time out to read. Remember CardNation, we will get through this.

P.S.- To hear Coach Pitino’s thoughts from The CardinalSportsZone show from Saturday click here. Mike Rutherford and John Ramsey came in to keep the streak intact & to interview Coach Pitino. The CardinalSportsZone show can be heard Saturdays on ESPN 93.9 FM The Ville or you can catch it on your TuneIn or iHeart mobile app.



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