LiveWith55 2/10/16: CardNation Podcast Pep-Rally Preview With Shortlink


I thought of trying something new this week. I am posting a show preview. Here is why. I am throwing a podcast pep rally tonight along side of my co-host the incomparable Spike Davis. We will provide group therapy for CardNation free of charge. Paige Sherrard, Daryl Foust, Jacob Pratt will be on hand to hold a round table discussion on tonights #LW55QOTN

Yes I just embed my own tweet. I have always wanted to do that. Lol. So give us a call tonight at 914-338-0180 or listen in at LiveWith55 broadcasts on Wednesday nights at 730 unless there is a game that night. Here is the short link to tonights show.

If you would like to listen only, call the number above and shoot me a DM with the first 3 numbers of your phone number so I know not to pick up the line. Thank you guys so much and lets heal together!

Go Cards!

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