Rick Pitino’s Latest Blog

Photo: ESPN.com
Photo: ESPN.com

READ MY BLOG! That’s what immediately came to mind upon seeing this picture in the CSZ archives. That is good enough for me. Today via Kenny Klein, Coach Rick Pitino released his latest blog and he had plenty to say. Here is the link below for you to read it. Go Cards!

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  1. Coach, whatever you decide for your future, good luck and godspeed. I have been a CARD fan forever, and I’ll admit I hated you when you were at UK, only because you beat us so many times. But when Denny left ( and we all love and respect Denny Crum) and Tom Jurich hired you, I had a new-found excitement for UofL basketball. You have not dissappointed! Thank you, Coach Rick Pitino, for so many good years, and here’s to many, many more.L1C4. Sincerely, Mark Meredith.

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