Have We Found The Mole?

2016-02-16 16.37.24



Have we found the mole? Are we really looking for a woodlands creature? No. The second definition surely fits better. There has been a ton of speculation on who the mole is at UofL. Someone in the presidents office, someone in the Athletic department & the latest, someone at the P.R firm. All have had a similar thought. Whoever the mole is revealed to be he is a friend of BBN’S own Matt Jones.

Today it seems we have found that connection.

2016-02-16 16.50.10.jpg

Is it a coincidence that this Mr Jennings is a friend of Mr Jones? I don’t think so but we will surely soon find out. All we can do is stay positive and support our team.

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  1. you think Lexington would allow a UL version of Matt Jones to exist in thier town? We need to clean these rats out…

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