The Ride (Plus Bonus Video)

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I want to start by thanking Jeremy and Steve for bringing me on board the CSZ team. I have been following from the beginning. My pledge to the CSZ team and to all of Cardnation is that I will always bring my best. I will bring you facts, opinions, pictures, videos and I will always keep it real. This site is for the fans by the fans so feel free to comment or message us and tell us what you want. We will give you what you want. Thank you, now let’s go…

As Cardinal fans we have been on quite a sweet ride over the last few years. Excitement and passion has grown with each victory in every sport. We have experienced both team and individual national championships, multiple final four appearances, bowl games, #1 overall soccer draft pick, NFL and NBA draft picks, college World Series appearances and many other accomplishments. Things have been going so well that it just felt like we were almost untouchable. As a University we were moving way ahead of our in state rival. Times were as good as they had ever been.

The release of one little book has changed everything. Or so it seems. There are so many unanswered questions and in this social media age we want answers and we want them now. In this situation we must have patience. We are going to hear all kinds of speculation from our rivals, people who want to break a story, ignorant people and haters. We must sit back and endure. When it’s all said and done, we will survive. We will grow from this and come back stronger and hungrier. Year of the Cardinal will be making a repeat once this is behind us. Remember, these allegations are only against the basketball team. The rest of the sports are still going full steam ahead.

While so many people are outraged with the recent postseason ban it really only proves one thing. It proves that passion at the University of Louisville is at an all time high.

Passion for beating UK is something that is unwavering. It always makes us happy. After hearing “Yahtzee” every time they signed a 2 star football recruit, it was with great pleasure that we went to their house and gave them a false sense of victory only to come away with a convincing victory. After the victory I put together a little highlight video. It always makes me feel warm all over to watch it even though I know how it ends. I hope it does the same for you. When you get frustrated with all the scandal talk, just sit back and watch it again. It never gets old!

and as always, GO CARDS!

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