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Let me start this story off with what I was doing when I found out about Chane. My two best friends from college the second time around are Terrance Farley & Perrin Johnson. T had just texted me the following: Guess what I found??? So I excitedly call him. “What did you find?” I asked. For the past 10 years he has been searching for the gray dazzle-cloth jerseys that Louisville wore in December of 04 vs Austin Peay (Which was T’s 2nd career start). He always said if he ever found it that I could have it. I am convinced that is because he never thought he could find it. 5 years ago he was himself convinced an ex had thrown it away. So I am sure you know where this is going. He told me he found the jersey and was not giving it up, ask Perrin for his. So I text Perrin: Perrin do you still have the gray jersey of yours? “Yes” he replied. I asked him how much could I buy it for. He stated “Not for sale” I was double crushed by my guys.

(Been in a box for 10 years)
(Been in a box for 10 years)


What in the blue hail does this have to do with Chane Behanan? (yes I know how it is spelled but this is a family site). Shortly after T & Perrin made me mad, Perrin texted me back with some wonderful news:

Former Louisville alumni Chane Behanan has signed a deal with Santeros de Aguada in Puerto Rico, as announced by his agent. Behanan started the season in Mexico with Soles de Mexicali.

The Puerto Rican league is one if the best leagues outside if the NBA. The exposure could be just what he needs to help Chane have his career go in a more positive direction. From all of us here at CardNation we wish you the very best. To CardNation from me, sorry for taking you on that long ride for such a short payoff. To T43, thank you for rubbing it in my face that you found my holy grail.

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    1. Yeah, me too. Had a pretty successful overseas career. Just couldn’t get on the court as much early as he needed to

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