If Every Year Of The BCS Was Changed And Played Out Under The CFP

Harry Douglas Orange Bowl


Our guys over at @TheRed_Rage have started their own website as of late and have been doing a lot of cool things. From Boy Meets World discussion groups to daily thoughts to simulations, they have made a great site that has a variety show feel to it. That could be a great thing. Something new in a field of the same ole stories. I talked to the Red Rage about the simulations they had done with the UofL teams vs the past 15 National Champions (I think). We talked at length about how underrated the Orange bowl team was. Great Offense, stellar Defense. All the makings of a high-power team.

I was scrolling through the net earlier and seen that Pick Six Previews had done their own simulation. Their question was: What if the CFP had been in effect every year instead of the BCS. I looked down the list for Louisville to be included. Finally I found it. 2006. I should have known we would be a part of it. We had just spoken on the matter. Here is what PickSix came up with.


Jim Tressel’s 2006 Buckeyes were thought to be invincible, especially behind the arm of Heisman-winner Troy Smith.  But this is what makes the College Football Playoff special.  The #4 seeded Louisville Cardinals met much criticism for their selection, but quickly quieted all critics in their 18-7 (games) thrashing of OSU.  It wasn’t even close; the average score was 35-24, and the Cardinals advanced to the title.

Fresh off a bitter 42-39 loss to rival Ohio State in what many dubbed the “Game of the Century,” Michigan was playing with a new sense of revenge.  They met Florida in the other semifinal matchup and squeaked out a close series victory, 13-12 games (average score of 21-20).

Chad Henne had a bunch of playmakers to spread the ball around to: RB Michael Hart, WR Steve Breaston, WR Mario Manningham, WR Adrian Arrington.  The story here was not Lloyd Carr’s offense, but rather Bobby Petrino’s unit.  Brian Brohm lit up the Michigan secondary, while Michael Bush added ground yardage.  Louisville won the series convincingly, 17 games to 8, with an average score of 31-22.  Louisville becomes the first #4 seed to win the College Football Playoff.

 So can we claim this title? No? I may still since the only national championships I have ever seen Louisville win in Football came on my PS3.
Good night and Go Cards!

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