James Burgess: Do Work


We started CardinalSportsZone.com in December of 2011. My grandma had just passed in August and it was something that me and Steve Rummage had passively talked about doing a number of times. When my grandma passed I gained a whole new perspective in life. Stop dreaming and start doing. Lost 180 pounds, started the website and changed my attitude for the better.

What does this have to do with James Burgess you ask? He was the first recruit I had followed on Twitter in my quest to become an official “blogger”. He instantly followed back, started up conversations with me and a friendship formed. His off the field character was great. Reminded me a lot of myself. Reserved but just a little cocky. Who could forget his commit video?


On the field though he excelled. You could tell how hard of a worker he was during practice because it translated to the playing field. I would like to think that him rooming with the other #55 Keith Kelsey helped too. I also got to know Keith and his dad Keith Kelsey Senior. Great people. Great people tend to draw to each other.


Well now that we have established the type of person he is and the type of player he is, let’s talk about his NFL draft stock. I truly believe that he will end up on a NFL team. He was not invited to the combine (Bullcrap) but neither was former teammate Eli Rogers. Eli worked his butt off to the point he was running drills with the first team on my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. I would love to see JB become a Steeler too. Let me calm down for a minute. We got Eli & G-rod last year and I loved it. I ran across a highlight reel today that I want to share with you. I reached out to James for permission and he kindly let me use it. I appreciate that. So here you go as I present to you a series of highlight reels of James Burgess doing work!


***Warning: Some Foul Language In The Song. The reel was too good to leave out***

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