Speculation On Possible Replacements For OC McGee


We all have been wondering since yesterday who would take over Garrick McGee’s spot as Offensive Coordinator at the University of Louisville. I am pleasantly shocked we haven’t seen the ultra-ambitious names that UofL fans have been known to throw in the ring each time a job opens. There was no mention of Steve Spurrier or Pete Carroll or even a random Teddy Bridgewater thrown in this time. Because face it, we have been through that before with Gruden rumors. Most went immediately to the other Petrino Paul, to get the band back together. I don’t hate that idea. Steve Jones from the Courier Journal had some suggestions as well. Go read his full story here. Paul Petrino was the obvious 1st person he spoke of.


Paul Petrino, head coach, Idaho

The first name that probably came to mind for just about every Louisville fan is Bobby Petrino’s younger brother who has coached with Bobby for years, including as offensive coordinator during the high-scoring days of Bobby Petrino’s first tenure at Louisville from 2003-06. It would be hard to imagine anyone understands Bobby Petrino’s offense better than Paul. He also was on Bobby Petrino’s staffs at Arkansas and the Atlanta Falcons.

Petrino was 6-29 in his first three seasons at Idaho, including a 4-8 record in 2015. The future of the football program is also in flux after the Sun Belt voted to oust Idaho from competing in the conference after the 2017 season, and the Vandals are at least considering dropping to the FCS level. Money-wise, being the coordinator at Louisville definitely has the potential to be more lucrative than being the head coach at Idaho. Paul Petrino was paid $418,526 last year – the 113th-highest salary for an FBS head coach, according to a USA TODAY salary database. McGee, who was the 19th-highest paid assistant in the country, made $850,000 last year.

Paul Petrino made some national news in a negative way last August when he was accused of angrily reacting to an Idaho beat reporter’s story and needing to be restrained as he talked to the reporter after a practice. Paul Petrino denied ever approaching or threatening the reporter in any way but said he regretted the language he used and how he reacted. The Idaho athletic director said afterward that he wanted “to make it very clear that at no point was Coach Petrino restrained.”

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  1. I say we need a former player. What about Lafleurs. He was here when Coach Please here, and should understand what is expected! I think it is our best option without a doubt

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